The Monthly Activity Calendars you all loved is making a comeback! Find all your fun teaching printables here and the fun part is they are FREE. This calendar changes monthly so check back often. Check out the monthly sales page. Here I will highlight sale items across all of my websites.  Make sure you visit often to take advantage of discounted products before they expire. Sign up to access the FREE daily activity calaendar. Peek on my to-do list to know when new items are added. Thanks for stopping by QualityTime Preschool Program Member Access - Coming Summer 2011 - Join my mailing list to be notified of release information. Are you interested in promoting professionalism in childcare, in making a difference in our community and helping all our children experience success?  If you do, then we share the same goals. Membership is open to anyone who shares our goals. Experience an All-In-One Membership = includes: your own domain and website by Birge Designs, monthly preschool curriculum w/ classroom printables and business toolkit...to learn how to sign up simply click & go Omaha's Exclusive On-Line Child Care Directory. Are you a Childcare Provider? List for only $25 per year. Are you a Parent looking4childcare? Search using our zip code map. Our goal, Connect  Provider+ Families Looking4Childcare Want your own website? Look no further, offering webdesign, hosting and maintenance. Childcare, retail, flash...If you can imagine it, I can design it!  for more info....click & go Email to Robyn Come and explore RFTS Preschool ~ formally Reach for the Stars Preschool Program. Three Years of curriculum available today for download....To purchase ...click & go Visit and learn about my family child care business. Discover how much fun we have each day learning, playing and laughing together....click & go Don't miss out on new items added each month by being up-to-date through my e-bulletin http://www.birgequalitytime.com Hi, my name is Robyn Birge. I'm so glad you stopped by. I have an array of websites and tools to help you succeed in whatever your dreams are. Help with childcare, web design, desktop publishing, marketing, I can help you.  Contact me to get started today

Highlighting an array of websites and tools to help you design your success story.
Offering personal assistance in the business of childcare.

ѽ  Help in Starting Your Own Childcare Business ѽ  Securing Your Own Domain Name ѽ  Owning Your Own Website
ѽ  Classroom Teaching Files ѽ  Monthly Preschool Curriculum ѽ  Designing Your Marketing Tools
ѽ  Support - Resource & Quality Trainings ѽ  Local Childcare Directory w/ National Affiliates Program ѽ  All-In-One Memberships Available

       I offer access to Omaha-Childcare Directory, our exclusive online childcare directory as well as training, support and resource for childcare professionals. We’ll leave you inspired and feeling like you belong.

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Experience an All-In-One Membership = includes: your own domain and website by Birge Designs, monthly RFTS Preschool Curriculum w/ classroom printables and your own Business Toolkit...to learn how to sign up simply visit  http://www.practicalprovider.com



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 Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Homeschooler - TeachersPayTeachers.com

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